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In Prashanti, it was all jubiliant festive mood of Navaratri charged with devotion to Kali ma. She brought new life of Bengali cultural grandeur through ma Kali. Our close well wishers of Kolkata came after several years to partake the nectar of Pujas done in the traditional way of Ramakrishna Mission all the days culminating in an early morning 3 am program which brought to all such fantastic experience of Ma that many students cried when she left us into our Viveka sarovara during visarjana.

The celebritties of bhakti and surrender changed to i !ntensive Átma parisodhana shibir conducted by Protoplasm Yogi - Swami Prajnaranya ! The chanting of Om in 3 three-hour sessions a day with 3 lecture and interaction sessions not only enthralled the participants but also gave them a glimpse of samádhi, nay, realisation that we are not the body but the self with unparalleled bliss of silence, peace backed up with all knowledge and power. The forty-strong sádhakas consistred of even teenagers who tasted the new lifestyle of getting up at 3 am, wating only raw sprouts, milk and fruits, sit for 3 hours at a stretch, going to bed at 9.15 pm! Among the other young sádhakas, one person can sit unmoving for 3 hours and the Swamiji gave him the ásana siddhi award.

'Stop Diabetes' programs are taking shape in different cities. Hyderabad group has been formed with an office set up and the in-charge Aditya and the key organiser Sri Ravi Kishore.Our national co-ordinator is travelling round the country to channelise the tremendous enthusiasm of our teachers and Yoga enthusiasts and to concretise the plans for DM camps and training of teachers to go together.

Vishwa Mangal Gou Grama Yatra is up with a great start in Bhagyanagari, Vijayvada and Chennai. Swami Raghaveshananda Bharati of Ramachandrapur Shankaracharya Mutt is spearheading the movement. The conference onYoga, Cow and Rural Development in December is part of this nationwide movement.

The readers will be happy to know that our IJOY online journal already has acquired an index status. There is great demand for hard copies and we are planning to bring out the same. Pl look at our web for further details.

Dr H R Nagendra

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