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Sandesa From Prasanti Kutiram

20-21 September 2008 National Seminar on Bhagawadgeeta and Mental health: 20-21 September 2008 Bangalore had a holy dip in the Triveni Sangama with the Jnana Ganga of Sri Sonda Swarnavalli Mahasamasthana, Sirsi , the Yamuna of NIMHANS,Bangalore with SVYASA being the antarvahini of Saraswathi during the National Seminar on “Bhagawadgeeta and Mental health” jointly organized by the three great institutions. Srimath Jagadguru Gangadharendra Saraswathi Mahaswamiji was the visionary behind this great mission of taking the psychological dimensions of Bhagawad geeta to the intellectual Community. Lot of psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, counsellors, Yoga instructors and researchers and students from various parts of the country including a few foreign delegates attended the 2 day seminar in large numbers that the Ashwini hall of NIMHANS could not accommodate the crowd.

NAVARATHRI SADHANA MAHOTSAVA-30-09-2008 TO 09-10-2008: Navaratri festival which starts in the Aashwayuja Maasa, Shukla Paksha as per the Indian Almanac is considered to be the time when Mahishaasura was killed by Goddess Durga. The symbolism behind this story is also that man has to combat with his internal enemies through intensive Sadhana in this short period of nine days which is most vibrant and abundant with positivity in the whole of the year.
Celebrating Jagannatha Rathotsava, Krishnaashtami, Ganapathi Festival and many more as per the exact tradition of different states has been the tradition of Prashanti Kutiram. This was the period when Navaraatri was celebrated by coupling Mysore and Bengal tradition.
This all started here in Prashanti grandly three years back but this time it was memorable as installation and invocation of Durga Maa’s Murthi for the first time took place on the sixth night of the Utsava.
Six feet Durga Maa represented the Bengal culture, and the splendidly arranged toys, integrated with students’ skill, in nine-steps in the Prarthana Mandir portrayed the Mysore culture, famously known as Gombe-Pradarshana.
Swami Harshanandaji Maharaj, president of Ramakrishna Matt, Bangalore presided over the inaugural Navaratri program. His Divine presence gave the festival the required solid strong and sturdy foundation which fortified the zeal and enthusiasm of the inmates for the nine days of festival. The day begun with the Veda ghosha by the faculties of Prashanti. Later Swamiji gave a talk on Sadhana According to Sri Ramkrishna and answered the queries put forth by the curious listeners.
Programs were organized in a systematic way where each day was embedded with Poojas and Homas in the morning sessions and whereas the cultural evening had everything in it to rock Prashanti inmates.
Well after Kalasha was installed and the related Devataa’s were invoked in the Kalasha at Prarthana Mandir on the 30th of September, from the 1st of October Lalita Sahasranaama lectures and Aaradhanam of the Lalita Maata went hand-in-hand with the help of Yatishwari Krishnapriya Ambaaji, senior disciple of Swami Chidbhavananda Maharaj, Tiruvannamalai. Both men and women actively participated in the Aaradhanam seeking the blessings of Maata for the Welfare of the Society and self (which is also the indispensable part of the integrated big family called society). This was concluded after the Sahasranama Kumkuma Archanam on Lalita Panchami i.e., on 4th of October.

Cultural Evenings:
30th September – Bhakti Geethe from Vidwan Ganesh Shenoy and team.
1st October –Harikatha by Sri Puttachariswamiji
2nd October – Devotional ensemble by Vidwan Ganesh Desai and team.
3rd October – Devi Naama Sankeertanam by Yatishwari Krishnapriya Ambaji.
4th October – Veena Concert by Vainika Vishaarada Sri Prashant Iyengar.

Meanwhile for the first three days Annapurneshwari, Sharada and Matru Pooja went on regularly and smoothly as per the schedules.

Durga Pooja Celebrations was kicked on by the indulgence of Ganapathi, Navagraha, Ashtalakshmi and Durga in the form of Homas.

Everyone in the campus joined hands for the greatest of occasion that was to be occurred on the sixth evening, i.e., the Amantranam of Goddess Durga on the large platform exclusively designed for her welcoming. Amantranam was backed up firmly as per The Shaastras (Dhyana, Aavahana , and Shodoshoopachaara Pooja), which later paved way to the remaining days of Pooja mellifluously. Inviting Maata was easier as she enjoyed the rhythmic invitation offered by Vidushi Aarati Balasubramhanyam and group which sung a few traditional Bengali Agamani Songs and bhajans to please Amma.

Seventh day is the Pooja dedicated to Saraswati Mai who not only gives us Knowledge but at the same time removes us from the Samsaara Bhandanam by keeping away us from Ignorance or Avidya. Students actively plunged in to this Pooja to seek the blessings of Saraswati to attain a command over the Yoga Vidya there are conquering slowly and gradually in a process. In the evening, Pooja was proceeded by the chanting of Saptahati (700 verses from Markandeya Puranam) which praises the glory of Durga Maata, which also was a part of Navachandika Yagna that had to be performed on the eighth day.

The word Ashtami itself says it’s the Eighth day of the Occasion where Durga will be prayed upon for a prosperous and well-established life. Navachandika Mahayagna was performed only after all the couples of Prashanti were called upon during the Great Resolution (Maha-Sankalpa) as to educate about this particular sacrifice in a nutshell. Meanwhile, the grand Durga Puja with 108 lotus and Kumari Pooja was performed as per the declarations of the Shaastras on this aspect. Later swami Hridanandaji Maharaj, Ramakrishna Mission, Shivanahalli, spoke a few words and enlightened the gathering as to why Durga Pooja is celebrated and as to what is the profit attained through this Pooja. His group came out with good bhajans which added more colours to the day which was full of positivity already with the performances of Kumari Pooja and Navachandika Mahayagna.
Cultural Evening – Bhajans and Stotras by Sri Ramakrishna Bhajan Mandali led by Prof N V C Swamyji.

Ninth day started with the Sandhi Pooja as early as at 3:00 am, where most of the students had put themselves inside the hall to celebrate it fabulously. The students arranged 108 lamps (Diyas) in a sequence which got the shape of “Omkaara”, that later was lit at the end of Sandhi Pooja, which again was sheer Shastric observation. Sandhi which means a “Junction” here has to be understood as the “Pooja at the Junction” - “Time between the beginning of Navami and the conclusive part of Ashtami”. Durga Homa was also executed on this day.

Cultural Evening – Durga Naama Sankeertanam By swami Yogeshwaranandaji Maharaj, Ramakrishna Yogashrama, Bangalore.

The students of SVYASA presented a wonderful skit on Devi Mahatmyam in Hindi that night. It was so professionally directed and performed that people had a feeling of witnessing a television Mythological serial. The Yudha between Devi and Asuras was depicted so well supported by suitable background music.

“Vijayadashami” or the 10th day where Mahishaasura was killed at the hands of Maa Durga was jubilantly commemorated to mark the victory of Positive force, which symbolically represents the death of instincts in human beings and the awakening of knowledge on the 10th day as a result of persistent Sadhana. Early in the morning at around 6:00, Vijayadashami Pooja which was held which was followed by Sri Rama Pattabhisheka to mark the victory of Sri Rama over Ravana on the same day. Right when the Visarjana Vidhi was performed Devi Maa showered flowers upon the pujari indicating her gladness and satisfaction upon the celebrations and as a mark of conveying her blessings to all. She who was with for nine days is going home back. Many inmates and devotees cried when the Mother left us all in the viveka sarovara. The whole observations were over with the sprinkling of shanty Jal to all.

May Maa Durga be with us, become one with us and guide us all!!
Jai Shree Durga Ma!!

Atma Parishodhana Yoga Sadhana Sapthaham-12-10-2008 to 18-10-2008:
The Atma Parishodhana Yoga Sadhana Sapthaham , an intensive Meditation Programme was conducted by Yogi Protoplasm between -12-10-2008 to 18-10-2008 in which 50 sadhakas participated out of which 42 successfully completed obtaining Asana Siddhi .This time swamiji issued certificates for all successful participants. Dr Saradha Natrajan, the President of Ramana Maharishi Centre for Learning, Bangalore presided over the valedictory function gave a thought provoking lecture on Bhagavan Ramana’s practical way of life and sadhana and distributed the certificates .

In the month of September 56 participants participated in the follow up and 36 were in Yoga Therapy Class. On 1st September there was a Stress Management Programme for the South Eastern Railway of Tata Nagar. It was conducted by Sri Satyabrata Nayak . On 3rd September Sri Ganesh Puja is celebrated by Team VYASA, Tollygunge. On 5th September there was a Stress Management and Fitness programme for the staff of Wipro Infotech Ltd. Programme was conducted by Sri Sanatan Mahakud and Sri Suraraj Rath.

From 15th to 25th September there was a special camp on Yoga for Obesity. In this month 209 patients availed their health facility from the OPD. 10th batch of Yoga Instructor's Course (YIC) will start from January-2009.
SALT LAKE (Lakshmi Kripa):- In the month of September there were 34 participants in the follow up and 2 were in Yoga Therapy Class. From 1st to 4th September there was a Special Yoga Training Programme for the PROs of UCO Bank Training college. On 3rd September Sri Ganesh Puja is celebrated by the teachers and participants of VYASA, Salt Lake. Along with this regular home visit and out doorgroup classes are going on .

Report of Month of September 08:

1. 8 batches of regular yoga & yoga therapy classes are going on at our centre. 200 participants are benefited.
2. One batch for obesity class is going on. 15 to 20 participants attending the programme.
3. Weekly once on every friday 7 to 9 am Satsañga programme is going on.
4. Special Programme:
a) Universal Brotherhood Day on 11th September- on the occasion of this day we have organised 7-days workshop, named called RE-LIVE in our premises. 42 participants along with 15 volunteers attended this programme. RE-LIVE is based on understanding of PAÒCA KOSA (theory and practice). Time 6.30 to 8.30 pm. This programme started with SwamiJi’s Chicago Speech recited by Karyakartas of the centre–Dr. Sony, Ms. Pinky Jeswani. Programme was inagurated by active corporator of this area–Shree Bharat Gangotri. During this 7 days participants were taught to revitalize by untapped energies, correct the art of breathing, awaken their intellect and understanding to rejous their life through spritual awakening through yogic exercises, pránáyámas, Om meditation, breath awareness, games, lecture and interactions. Some concepts of life are explained to them by the way of small dramas. Feedback was excellent.
b) Diabetes Shivir: Free awareness camp on diabetes (2 days) was organised by our Centre at Mayur Hotel on 20-21 Sept. 08 at 7.30 to 9.30 am, 75 diabetic patients and 30 voluteers participated in it. This programme was inagurated by the renowned Áurvedic Doctor Shree Kaushal Gupta. The introduction of VYASA is given by Dr. Amit Mishra. Medical concept of diabetes was given by medical practioner–Dr. Sony and yogic concept of diabities and remedies and practice conducted by Rajendra. The Programe was concluded by a small drama conveying the importance of yoga and diabetes side effects. 8 volunteers have performed this drama. After this programme some participants joined at regular yoga class.

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