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“Stop Diabetes” Movement (SDM)

An initiative of Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana (SVYASA), Yoga University, Bengaluru.

SDM – “Stop Diabetes” Movement is an initiative of SVYASA.
Our aim is to mitigate the sufferings of diabetics through education of Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy (IAYT).

Objectives: Prevention of early onset of diabetes, avoid complications of diabetes, reduce medication, inspire lifestyle redesign, reduce stress and lead healthy life.
This will involve daily practice of Yoga, maintain Dietary discipline and get regular clinical and medical checkup.
Each center will have 4 functional roles – Organizer, Yoga Therapist, Doctor & Researcher.

SDFA – SVYASA Diabetes Friends Association
SDYO – SVYASA Diabetes Organizers Wing
SDYT – SVYASA Diabetes Yoga Therapists Team
SDDC – SVYASA Diabetes Doctors Council
SDYR – SVYASA Diabetes Yoga Researchers Group

SDM is a collective effort to prevent India from becoming the world capital of Diabetes Mellitus. So we need to focus on team building and leadership development on top priority.
Organizer to be responsible for all the administrative aspects of the center.

Researcher to be responsible for data gathering, getting authenticated by doctor and forward the data to central SDM facilitator for further analysis.
Yoga Therapist to be responsible for the delivery of ‘Integrated Approach to Yoga Therapy’.

Diabetologist/Doctor to prescribe IAYT, authenticate the clinical parameters and monitor the progress of health of the therapy participants(Diabetic Friends) at all stages of therapy and consult the weaning-off of prescribed medications as per medical norms and provide responsible medical supervision.

Supervised life style changes will be carried out at ‘Stop Diabetes Therapy Centers’.
These centers will perform the grass root activity of this movement. 100 such ‘Therapy’ centers in a select city will be coordinated by a ‘City SDM Coordinator’.

A ‘Central S D M Facilitation Unit at Arogyadhama in Prashanti Kutiram’ to provide support to all the city centers, through the respective city coordinator.

The Central Unit to Administer the city centers
Ensure uniformity & standardization of therapy across 3000 ‘Therapy Centers’.
Monitor quality of delivery by continuous online outcome analysis.
The city main coordinator to be responsible for Registering and Administrating each of the 100 ‘Therapy Centers’
Registering & Administering diabetics for blood test check ups with the help of the Clinical Pathological Lab partner.

SDYO – Organizer and SDYT – Yoga Therapist to guide and continuously monitor for 5 to 10 years SDFA – Diabetic Friends as life-style changes take time to imbibe, to prevent likelihood of diabetics from giving up daily yoga practice.

How to go about it?
Let us begin by doing an area wise city survey to know how many are already diabetic, how many are prone to become diabetic and how many are pre-diabetic? A small questionnaire in Local Language and in English be circulated in a specific target market like a company, a club, a college, a residential complex etc., will help us to do this survey and we will get useful information.

We can begin this by sending format by e-mail to our colleagues, family members and friends and in general in our neighborhood. We need to ask for their family history - single parent or both parent or close siblings - any known case of diabetic? We all know that if both parents are diabetic, chances of son/daughter becoming diabetic is 90%! SDM to track genetic tendencies and to prevent/stop the onset of diabetes by early non invasive intervention through IAYT, Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy that includes, lifestyle readjustment, attitude shift, dietary discipline, food value awareness, counseling, pranayama, meditation, walking, yoga asanas, kriyas, holistic healing and above all nurturing group dynamism, to motivate diabetics to belong to SDFA - Svyasa Diabetic Friends Association, educate them to become a registered member( to collect an annual fee of Rs 150/= only per person.)

To request social workers to become registered member of SDYO - Svyasa Diabetic Yoga Organizers wing ( to pay Rs 150/= only per person per annum and thus become a part of this nationwide movement to serve a noble cause.)

In other words, to lead by example those who ask “HOWTO GO ABOUT”, to show a ready model, lead them to simply duplicate and benefit.
Please e-mail immediately and do let us know how you would like to get involved in SDM:

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