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(Continued from the previous issue)



Sthiti: Dandásana.
Sit in Vajrásana. Stand on the knees.
Place the palms on the waist with fingers pointing forwards.
Inhale and bend the trunk backwards and place the palms on the heels. Maintain for about a minute with normal breathing.
Exhale while coming back to Sthiti.
Relax in Sithila Dandásana.
Note The thighs should be perpendicular to the ground.
Relaxation Techniques


Sthiti: Savásana
Bring your legs together; join the heels and toes together and place the palms by the side of the thighs.
Keep the face relaxed with a smile all through the practice.
Start tightening from the toes.
Tighten the ankle joints, and calf muscles.
Pull up the kneecaps. Tighten the thigh muscles.
Compress and squeeze the buttocks.
Breathe out and suck the abdomen in.
Make fists and tighten the arms. Inhale and expand the chest.
Tighten the shoulders, neck muscles and compress the face.
Tighten the whole body from the toes to the head.
Tighten-tighten-tighten… Release and let go the whole body instantaneously. Legs and arms go apart with the open palms facing the roof. Collapse the whole body.
Enjoy the instant relaxation.

(to be continued in the next issue)

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