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MANY PERSONS FROM DIFFERENT CITIES are responding to our call for SDM launches and our national co-ordinator Sri Acharya is going round finalising the programs for the dates and the associated works. You will find the calender of launches and the beginning of our works in the next Yoga Sudha with full details. In the meantime please keep in touch with our WEB

We signed a MOU with Beijing Radio and TV University for exchange of students from China to here, faculties from here to go there and also for promoting research. Sri Murthy, the Driector of the Sino–Indian Alliance Co–a semi-Govt body in China is behind this big move in China. He realises that authentic, traditional Yoga from a University is the right thing to go to China and has convinced the Ministers of China to take up this task. Please go through the report inside this issue of my travel to Ningbo and Beijing. I think, if it works well as per his plan, we will have more work in China than in Japan in about an year where we have already trained nearly 800 persons in Yoga and nearly 400 in yoga Therapy who are imparting their skills to Japanese public at large in Community centers over 15 years !

As a first step in promoting research in our Dept of Natural Sciences in the Division of Yoga and Life Sciences, we have planned a national conference from Dec 28th to 30th of this year in Prashanti Kutiram campus. Please look at the details of the same inside this issue. We are also finalised the national level Seminar in Amrita University in Coimbatore - the first offshoot of our MOU with them.

Efforts to synergise the efforts of all the yoga masters in the country is continuing with the main co-ordinater Dr Basavaraddi in MDNIY. We are soon launching this program nationwide. We are also planning an extensive Holistic Healing Center in Prashanti in a big way and we will be happy to have philanthropic donors to come forward to utilise our 35 I (ii) tax exemption facility to make this dream project realisable. It can become a model project to be copied anywhere in the country with a unique combination of treatement regimes from Allopathy, Naturopathy, Yoga therapy and Áyurveda - the prime runners in Health Care delivery systems. the readers may remember the editorial about Holistic Healing Centers several months ago. We are crystallising the same now.

Dr H R Nagendra

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