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The great human values described in Bhagavadgita are presented here


Finding fault is a problem of the mind. Such people become unhappy if they find somebody happy. They think how can anyone be happy, smile, laugh etc? If somebody does not follow the stipulations laid down, they are unhappy. They cannot tolerate people being spontaneous! It shows that deep down there is some problem in the mind.

How do we cultivate maitri ? If a person wants people to depend on him permanently, he would not allow them to grow. To wish others to be independent amounts to giving them freedom. That means they no more need his support. That should make a wise person happpy. But if he has a need to be needed, he cannot accept such independence. Maitri bháva is to be happy when he is not needed. If he is not needed he should feel fulfilled, that he has played his role successfully. He has done so well that the other person does not need him any more. Maitribhávaná is wishing every one to be independent.

Kálidása says in a prayer :

Sarvah taratu durgáni - may all cross the difficulties.
Sarvo bhadráni pashyatu - may all see what is auspicious.
Sarvah kámánavápnotu - may all get whatever they desire.
Sarvah sarvatra nandatu - may all be happy every where.

(to be continued in next issue)

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