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(Continued from previous issue)

Lokepi bhagavadgana shravanakirtanát (37)

It is told rightly in Bhágavatam

Shravanangrnansamsmarayamshca cintayan námáni rüpáni ca mañgaláni te, kriyásu yantaccaranáravindayoshavishtacetá na bhaváya kalpate.

"Hearing, grasping remembering and thinking Thy auspiscious names and forms, performing each and every worldly duty, with the total submission of heart in Thy lotus feet; if one leads the life, he never returns back to samsára as next birth".

Here is a wisely saying-
" Feel that your life is nicely well planned. Don't get frustrated. Live your life happily. Don't give up Svadharma at any cost. Perform your duty sincerely, thinking that 'this is the service of Divine." Don't get trapped with egoistic clutches. Whenever you find involve yourself in temples, spiritual discourses, scriptures and Self inquiry. Whenever you are in duty, think it as the service of the Divine. Don't involve yourself physically or mentally in other's duties unnecessarily, inviting more and more attachments and mental thoughts. Do your duty perfectly. By this you can recognize your liberation".

(to be continued in the next issue)

R Rangan

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