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Sandesa From Prasanti Kutiram

Sri Krishna Janmaashtami
The months of Shraavana and Bhadrapada Masa according to Hindu Calendar are significant crowded by various festivals big and small

Inmates of Prashanti had a feast to their eyes on the day of Krishna-Janmaashtami, the Birthday of Lord Krishna, Sri Ranganji,s narration of Krishna Janana from the Srimad Bhagawatham. Shri Krishna was offered Panchamrita Snanam and Sahasranama Pooja. It was an ecstasy and bliss to one all at Prashanhti from the Utsava and the Bhajans sung on that occasion. Japa yajna in which the Dwadasakshari Maha Mantra was chanted 1008 times was followed by meditation on Sri Krishna with the backdrop of enchanting flute melody ( Very dear to heart of Krishna who is also called as Muralidhara.)

On the second day of Krishna Janmaashtami celebrations continued with Nandotsava. Sri Bala Gopla was beautifully decorated with princely cloths positioned in a cradle, astatically bedecked with flowers. The Jhoola was swung by All women of the ashram who also offered him butter and favorite dishes. Sri Krishna started playing flower ball with all gathered and started distributing prasads to all as traditionally done at the Vraja dhama. The students of different segment took part in treasure-hunting helping child Krishna find his favorite butter hidden by his mother Yasodha. The other fabulous game of the day was Dahi Hundi in which male students formed a human pyramid to climb a great height to break the pot of butter and curd, resisting the water pouring by the female students. In the ananda sabha, Students portrayed various leelas and glories of Sri Krishna through skits, group and solo dances, songs delighting the audience . Janmashtami Utsava brought the Vraja dhama Gokula and Brindhavan to Prashanti.

Sri Gowri Ganesha Festival- ( 3-09-2008 )
Gowri Festival was a remarkable day with zeal and enthusiasm The son “ Ganesh will follow mother ( Gowri) the next day

The festival of Ganesha in India brings all Indians under one roof aligning their mind into Bhakti to celebrate the festival with pomp There are instances of this festival observed by all communities irrespective of caste / creed gender differneces . Such a sequence was found in Prashanti too, where students from every part of globe in general and India in particular assembled to offer their prayer with devotion to “Vighneshwara”, the Lord who wards away impediments.

This time the workers of Prashanti astatically decorated a mantapam with fruits and flowers in which a huge image of Lord Ganesha was installed and worshipped with all grandeur for 5 days On the concluding of send off ceremony of Lord Ganesh a grand procession with singing and , dance with Vedic chantings like “Ganapathi Papa Moriyah!!”

The devotion and efforts of the campus staff was highly appreciated by all inmates.

“Onam Celebrations 02-09-2008:
Onam, in one of the most important annual celebration of Kerala celebrated for 10 days from the 1st day of the Malayala month Singham. The significance of the event is connected with the mythological episode of the Vamana Avathara of Lord Vishnu .King Bali was egoistic because of his greater charity works. Lord Vamana, after removing the ego of him, by taking the alms from him, made him the Indra for Padala Loka. However Bali prayed for a boon from the Lord that he must be blessed to visit his kingdom once a year to enquire the welfare of his subject. Onam is the day of the annual visit of Raja Bali to his kingdom recognized as Kerala. During Bali’s rule , there was unity, peace and prosperity all over. So the welcome their king back home ,the keralites decorate their houses and temples with Flower mats, lamps and other traditional style of decorations. They sing the glory of Bali’s kingdom and dance traditional dances like Tiruvadira. The inmates of Prashanti observed onam on 02-09-2008 with a grand flower rangoli, songs and dances. Special Kerala Prasad was distributed to all. There were special game competitions among students.

Universal Brotherhood Day-September 11th 2008:
September 11th was observed as a historical significance as Swami Vivekananda, the patriotic monk delivered his epoch making speech in the World Parliament of Religions at Chicago (USA) that marked India’s reinforcement as a Nation of global pride This day is historic for the SVYASA as his ideas alone are the basement of our education which is spread in Svyasa

On this note-worthy day of meaningful thoughts day students of all long-term courses learnt the Chicago address by heart and recited the same in the competition held. Sri Saurab Chaudary , 1st semester MSc and Sri Pranav Singh, 1st semester BSc stood first in the respective levels by exactly. Sri Subramanian, organized the extempore competition and all winners were awarded with prizes by the Vice Chancellor Dr H R Nagendra

Free Health Camp at Bombandahalli -14—09-2008:
The students of MD, YTOT and PGDYTD of SVYASA conducted a free health check up camp at Bombandahalli village at the outskirts of Prashanti Kutiram under the guidance of Dr R Nagarathna . The yogic counseling by the doctors was appealing to the villagers. More than 160 adults and 100 children took the benefit of the camp. Our aim is one Health camp every month in our surrounding villages.

We, 27 Officers from ONGC attended SMET Programme at your Prestigious Institute from 8.9.2008 to 12.9.2008.
It was a great experience for all of us and we are continuing practice of Yoga learnt at your Institute.

Though, all the lectures delivered by Dr. Nagrathna, Shri T Mohan, Dr Padmini Takur were very informative but based on our request, one more lecture was arranged by Course Coordinator and it was delivered by Dr. Alex Hankey.
Dr. Alex Hankey gave presentation on Topic “Ayurvedic Physiology & Etiology: Understanding Doshas & their Dynamics” for about an hour but the discussion continued for one more hour.
We were simply amazed to listen three Laws discovered by him on Doshas and also his in-depth knowledge on “Vedas, Puranas, Upnishadas, Samhita, Gita etc.
We would like to take an opportunity and request him to deliver lecture on the same topic to our Senior Executives in SCOPE Minar, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi, whenever he visits Delhi
Once again thanking you and all the faculty members of your Institute for imparting SMET training to us with full dedication.
With Warm Regards,

In the month of August 61 participants participated in the Follow up Yoga class and 16 were in Yoga Therapy class and at the same time 165 patients availed Health facility from the OPD. On 15th August 2008 Independence was celebrated by Team VYASA. On this occasion Mr Deepak Agarwal hoisted the National Flag. From 18th to 29th August there was a special camp on “Yoga for Obesity”. On 23rd August Sri Krishna Janmasthami was celebrated with special Bhajans of Lord Sri Krishna. On 30th August Executive Body meeting of the VYASA held at 6, Lyons Range, Kolkata. Along with all regular classes, group classes, Home visits , weekly Netikriya and Baalshakti classes are going on. SALT LAKE (Lakshmi Kripa): In the month of August 143 participants got benefitted from Yoga by VYASA, Salt Lake. It includes the Followup,Yoga Therapy and Outdoor group classes. On 9th August there was a TV programme called “Body and Mind” in the Bengali Channel ‘Tara Bangala’. All practices are demonstrated by a VYASA teacher. It was for six episodes. On 15th August Independence was celebrated by VYASA. Smt Sumitra Dey was the chief guest on this occasion. In the last week of August a new group class started at UCO Bank for its staff.

Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana.

Yoga can reduce hot flashes and night sweats among women going through menopause, and also appears to sharpen their mental function, new research suggests to investigate whether yoga would help women with physical and cognitive symptoms of menopause, scientists randomly assigned 120 menopausal women, 40 to 55 years old, to yoga practice or simple stretching and strengthening exercises five days a week for eight weeks.

The postures, breathing and meditation included in the yoga intervention were ‘aimed at one common effect, i.e. ‘to develop mastery over modifications of the mind’... through ‘slowing down the rate of flow of thoughts in the mind’,’ the researchers explained.

Women in the yoga group also listened to lectures on using yoga to manage stress and other yoga-related topics, while those in the control group heard lectures on diet, exercise, the physiology of menopause, and stress.
After eight weeks, women in the yoga group showed a significant reduction in hot flashes, night sweats, and sleep disturbances, while the women in the control group did not, Dr R Chattha, of the Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana in Bangalore found.

Both groups showed improvements in a test of attention and concentration, although improvement in the yoga group was significantly greater. In a test of memory and intelligence with 10 components, the yoga group improved on eight, while the control group improved on six.

’The present study shows the superiority of yoga over physical activity in improving the cognitive functions that could be attributed to emphasis on correctness in breathing, synchronizing breathing with body movements, relaxation and mindful rest,’ the researchers suggest.

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