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Kriyás- Bridging the body and mind

(continued from previous issue)

Balancing the Breath

Having learnt the process for cleansing and normalising the breath, we are all set to proceed for Pránáyáma proper. What are the main features of the Pránáyáma Breathing? The first and the most important aspect is slowing down of breath. A glance as indicated clearly delineates the three regions of breathing - Kriyá, sectional breathing and Pránáyáma. Breathing rate (number of breaths per minute) goes on reducing as we move from the high speed region of Kriyás towards normal breathing and Pránáyáma.
There has been a gross misconception among many practitioners and theoreticians that the Pránáyáma increases the oxygen level in blood and invigorates the respiratory system by higher concentration of oxygen. Many argue that the aspect of deep breathing in Pránáyáma increases the oxygen content. They admit that as one progresses in Pránáyáma the oxygen content has to reduce.

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