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(Continued from the previous issue)


Simple Process of meditation

Adopt Brahma Mudrá.
Inhale slowly and completely, fill the lungs.
While exhaling chant ‘A-U-M ’ in a low pitch.
Feel the sound resonance throughout the body.
Repeat nine times.

Different sounds like A, U, M & AUM are produced loudly so that they generate a fine resonance all over the body. (Resonance will occur only when the frequency of the generated sound matches with the natural frequency of the body).
These resonant sounds act as stimulations and the post-resonance silence deepens the awareness and releases even very subtle tensions.
Therefore, while producing different sounds (A, U, M, & AUM) try to adjust the pitch in such a way that a fine resonance is achieved.

4.4 OM- Dhyána (MEDITATION)

Sthiti: Any Meditative Posture

Sit in any comfortable meditative posture feeling completely relaxed.
Phase I
Close your eyes and start chanting OM mentally. Allow the mind to repeat OM continuously without any break. If there are distractions, chant OM faster, not giving a chance for distractions.
After a while the chanting slows
down. Consciously slow it down further. If the mind jumps to distractions, increase the speed of japa of OM. Thus, by increasing and decreasing the speed of chanting, allow the japa to settle down to a slow pace with an unbroken stream of effortless flow of OM japa in your mind.
Phase II
Make the chanting softer and softer, gentler and gentler, and more and more effortless. As you progress on the path of meditation, you will reach the second phase of japa in which you start feeling the vibrations of the japa in some part of the body and later throughout the body (three dimensional 3D awareness).
Phase III
As you slow down the japa of OM, observe the gap between two OMs. As you slowdown further, the gap goes on becoming wider and wider to diffuse into silence.
Phase IV
The experience of inner silence helps to expand from the three dimensional awareness of the body to all pervasive awareness(beyond the limits of the body).
The bed of silence becomes deeper and more expansive. Visualise and feel an ocean of silence with gentle soft waves of OM on it. Now merge into complete silence and reach the stage of Ajapa(no repetition). This silence is the source of Creativity, Power, Knowledge and Bliss. Remain in this state for a while.









(to be continued in the next issue)

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