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Brief report from SDM team about first ever intensive training on YTD: The first batch of Intensive Training of Yoga Therapist for Diabetes graduated on 7th Sep 08.

Dr. R. Nagarathna, Chief , SDM gave away the certificates to successful therapists. It was a teacher’s training to enable the Therapists to make DM patients practice.
1. Breathing, Loosening and Warm up Exercises
2. Ardhamatsyendrásana, Sürya Namaskára (12 steps with breathing and chanting of Bija Mantra)
3. Uninostril kapálabháti and Agni sara kriyá.
4. Bhrámari Pránáyáma
5. Cyclic Meditation

The therapists were taught soft skills such as

1. Communication and presentation skills
2. Counseling, (Contradict distress patterns and discharge of emotional hurts)
3. Attitudinal, emotional healing and discard wrong notions.
4. Dietary discipline
5. Creative visualization, affirmation and Guided Imagery Techniques

They were made to practise and gain hands on experience of the following -

1. To check and record the parameters (use of BP apparatus etc.)
2. How to co-ordinate with organizers group, doctors council, researchers group and diabetic friends association — How to register and maintain registry, send reports by E-mail and submit accounts.
3. Release of stress and rejuvenate endocrine system
4. Recommend proper diet with vegetables, herbs, spices and fruits of medicinal value
5. How to handle Hypoglycemia, Fatigue and avoid complications

We have handed over to them:-
1. Yoga and diabetes book
2. Pocket Ready Reckoner
3. Diabetes Mellitus CD – Theory and Practice
4. Yoga and Diabetes Chart
5. Course material

The YTD course faculty included renowned diabetologist Dr. Narasimha Setty – Director of Karnataka Diabetology Institute, Mrs. Kamakshi on Food as Medicine, Dr. Naveen on Research Methodology, Dr. N. V. Raghuramji on Stress Release, Dr. R Nagarthna on IAYT for DM, Dr. Padmini on IAYT, Shri Mohanji on Ashtáñga Yoga for diabetics, Mrs. Divya Rajaram on Nutrition and Diet, Shri Srinivas on practice of ásanas, kriyá and pránáyáma and by Shri Rajaram Iyer on Communication skills, Counseling skills, Attitudinal healing, Stress management for diabetics, Guided Imagery techniques, experiential processes for the discharge of emotional blocks, spiritual and emotional healing and also organization of Therapy Center. Ms Gintu made a summary CD with power point presentation and gave the same to all the trainees. All the trainees were daily involved in group discussions, Maitri Milan, Dháraná and Dhyána, practice of special techniques for diabetes and checking parameters. It was educative and enjoyable with emphasis on establishing therapy centers in their city and involving in the spread of 'Stop Diabetes' Movement. Notes on all important points, CDs and charts were explained and given to them for use in their therapy center.The trainees were assessed daily for voluntary participation, involvement, confidence, eagerness to learn, involvement and enthusiasm. Prizes were awarded to top 3 who scored above 90% marks.

Certificates were given after conducting written test and oral examination by Dr. Nitin and Mrs. Kamakshi covering all topics.
The first ever intensive for YTD has been significant as a trend setter for spearheading this nationwide movement on solid foundation.
SDM team has received written feedback from all the therapy teachers.

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