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(Continued from the previous issue)



Sthiti: Dandásana.

Bend the right leg at the knee by drawing it along the ground.
Place the sole of the right foot against the inner side of the left thigh.
Keep the right heel about 4 to 5 inches away from the perineum.
Bend the left knee and place the left foot on the outer side of the right thigh near the right knee.
Do not sit on the heels.
While inhaling raise the right arm up vertically and stretch up the shoulder.
Exhale, twist the waist to the left and bring the right arm around the outer side of the left knee. The left knee acts as a fulcrum for getting maximum twist of the spine. Catch the left big toe with the right hand. The right triceps rests on the outer side of the left knee.
Now take the left hand behind the back and try to touch the right thigh.
Look back over the left shoulder keeping the trunk erect.
Maintain for about a minute with normal breathing.
Come back to Sthiti.
Relax for a while in Shithila Dandásana.
Repeat the same, on the other side.

(to be continued in the next issue)

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