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Sandesa From Prasanti Kutiram

The Maiden Launch of 'Stop Diabetes' Nationwide Movement-14-08-2008:
Man has been zipping around at a breakneck speed in different work-fields, with a goal, adhered deeply to his mind. He has been pitching in enthusiastically to reach pinnacle of glory.

But that zeal and spirit which bubbles at the outset, begins to tail-off and shy away from his life, leaving behind a fade memory. Why? Man is caught up with such a demoralizing plight? The reason behind this downfall is that he has not learnt the skill to manage the extra amount of pressure, which is pressing him down to ill-health and ever-incarnating deadly diseases.

SVYASA took this as an opportunity to help the people, who are drowned in the ocean of martyrdom and oppressions by launching a nationwide movement- “STOP DIABETES”, to bring about a metamorphosis and revive people’s health, on 14th of August 2008.

Yoga is the only antidote to stop the deadly disease Diabetes, which is mushrooming in the nook and corner of India and making it a front-runner, as the capital of Diabetic Community. It is true that man must be equipped with an optimal level of stress to press himself into any kind of a service. But when this stress is blown out of proportion then hugs us something called Diabetes. To create awareness on this concept, a public program began at 10 am in the morning at Town Hall, Bangalore, wherein the team of SVYASA handled dexterously the Diabetic crowd which went on swelling till the evening.

A unique program was formulated betwixt 3.30-5.30 pm, wherein chief diabetologists of the city gave a lucid explanation on the disease and also suggested the remedies or the precautionary measures to brace us from the Diabetes.

When the clock struck at 6, the program began with the Veda Ghosha from the students of Prashanti, which was followed by welcome address from-Sri B S S Rao and Felicitations of the guests who had made their august presence on that historic day.

Honorable Chief Minister of Karnataka, who could not make it to come that day for official reasons, had sent his message of support to this national movement through the state Medical Education Minister, Sri Ramachandra Gowdaji. Dr D B Guptaji, MD, Lupin India Ltd presided over the program. Great many philanthropists and industrialists like Sri RK Sinhaji, Subhash Bagariahji and Vice-Chancellors of different Medical universities and directors of Yoga institutes were guests of honor. The support shown by the people and guests was the token of love they had established towards the university and the token of respect and support they had developed towards the campaign. Dr R Nagarathna Didi concluded program with the vote of thanks.

Independence Day and Prashanti Diwas Celebrations: 15th August 2008 :
August 15th is a day on which India came out free from the shackles of British Rule. It is also the day when we remember our great leaders who gave their heart out to bring independence to all of us and re-establish Bharata Mata on her eternal throne. On this day we also pay our obeisance to the great patriotic monk Aurobindo on the occasion of his birthday. We also celebrate this day as Prashanti Diwas. All the inmates of Prashanti hold this day in high esteem and rejoice together by greeting one and all associated with us. It’s the day when, our beloved Lakshmi Aunty, pioneer of this Divine and sanctified place, coined the name of grandeur Prashanti Kutiram for her Sádhaná kúetra. This year on this day, we commemorated our 34th Prashanti Diwas.

Prashanti Diwas started with Prabhat Pheri to mark the occasion. Our Chief guest Dr D.B.Guptaji, Chairman and Managing Director, LUPIN Ltd., Mumbai, hoisted the Indian Tri-colour Flag. Thereafter, our distinguished guests, Shri. Ishwara Basava Reddy, Director of MDNIY, Sri Raghuramji, International Co-ordinator, SVYASA, Sri. Mohanji, secretary and our Paramapoojya Guruji addressed the Prashanti inmates and showered their blessings, for us to toe the path of patriotism, bedecked with spirituality. Our Prashanti family members came together to present a number of cultural activities and held sport competitions to hail the spirit of Prashanti Diwas. In the afternoon students took part in the final contests. The evening musical concert by Sow. Darshana and Sow. Soumya, who had come all the way from Chennai added divine flavours to the rich soulful experience of Prashanti Diwas. The concert was arranged as a mark of our reverence and respect to our Gnanapeethadipathi Parama Püjya Swami Dayananda Saraswati on theoccasion of his Jayanti day. Later in the evening, in the Happy Assembly.students of Prashanti displayed their talents, with total involvement and every one in the audience was filled with exuberance and joy.

Varamahalakshmi Puja and Gøhapravesam of Panjajanya
On the same day morning all ladies of Prashanti performed the Varamahalakshmi Püjá praying to Goddess Lakshmi to bestow all her boons upon the whole globe. The gøhapravesam for the newly built Paòcajanya building and first floor of Subham building were also perform according to traditional rituals.

Raksha Bandhana and Upakarma- 16-08-2008:
The Raksha Bandhana, the day for brother-sister relationship was observed with all women tying the Rakhi to all gents of the campus accepting them as their brothers and seeking spiritual and moral support from them. Sri Subramanian elaborated the significances of the event narrating historical incidents and led the entire proceedings with mantra. In the early hours of the day, the male inmates performed the Yajur Veda Upakarma ceremony.

Guru Poornima Celebrations by Devagiri Yoga Center of VYASA:
VYASA has more than 100 affiliated Yoga centers in Bangalore city. Out of all those the one at Devagiri Prasanna Venkateshwara Temple run by Sri Dattatreya is a very prominent one with regular and therapy classes and special batches for ladies as well conducted on daily basis for many years. This centre which benefits hundreds of people had its annual Guru Poornima Celebrations on the 10th of August at Banagiri Devasthana with various programmes like Ganapathi, Navagraha, Lakshmi homa, Laksharshana and Veda Parayana. HH Jagadguru Shankaracharya Sri Sri Satchidananda Saraswathi Swamiji of Hariharapura Mutt presided and gave a soul stirring speech on Yoga and its need for the hour. The efforts of Sri Dattatreya, Smt Pankaja Seshadri and their team is to be highly appreciated.

VYASA, Kolkata
TOLLYGUNGE (Eknath Bhawan);- In the month of July-2008 total 57 participated in daily follow up and 16 were in Yoga Therapy class.
On 4th July there was a Stress Management Yoga programme for the employees of South Eastern Railway, Anara Junction,West Bengal.
On 8th July there was a Stress Management Yoga programme for the employees of South Eastern Railway, Hatia Junction,Jharkhanda.
On 18th July Gurupurnima is celebrated with a Satsang on Guru- Sishya Parampara by Sri A. Mukherji. On this occasion a special bhajan session was conducted by singers Mr Ashok Karmakar, Mrs Sushila Sharma, Mrs Renu Gupta and Mrs Pushpa Rath. Mr Biplab Burman helped in the Music.
On 30th July there was a workshop on group councelling and Yogic Stress Management for the Nurses. It was organised in the premises of Nursing College of SSKM Hospital Kolkata and conducted by Sri Sanatan Mahakud and Miss Sreemoyee Tarafder of Physical Education Department of Jadavpur University. Nurses from different Medicals of West Bengal participated the programme.
SALT LAKE (Lakshmi Kripa):- In the month of July 37 participants
participated in the daily follow up yoga Class. On 21st July a group class started for the students of International Institute of Hotel Management (IIHM), Salt Lake. Other regular classes are going on smoothly.

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