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A brief account of the SDM Launch – by Shri. Rajaram Iyer, Chief Facilitator, SDM - Svyasa

The people of Bangalore will remember August 14th 2008, forever. For on this day, a historical nationwide movement to “Stop Diabetes” was launched to serve the cause of millions of people facing the challenge of diabetes. There is urgent need for screening people and guiding them early to avoid serious complications associated with this silent killer. To highlight this need earlier in the day from 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 noon, free Diabetes screening was arranged.
Dr. Naveen of SVYASA had organized this program with the clinical diagnostic Lab partner M/s Lal Path Labs., who screened 200 plus patients. M/s Bayers Co arranged screening for about 50 patients in the afternoon. From 3.30 to 5.30 p.m. Public Interaction Seminar was organized wherein about 500 people including many who were screened for diabetes attended.
The seminar started with the presentation of the roots of yoga therapy by Dr. Nagarathna Didi. A spirited discussion ensued between the audience and the speakers covering various aspects of diabetes and the Stop Diabetes movement.
Dr. Narasimha Shetty, Director, Karnataka Institute of Diabetology, Bangalore gave a power point presentation giving statistical information about the epidemic proportion at which diabetes is taking toll of people from all walks of life.
Dr. K S Nagesh, Principal, R V Dental College, Bangalore and his team also highlighted the severity of diabetes through their illustrative power point presentation.
Dr. Munichoodappa, Consultant Diabetologist, Bangalore Hospital, Bangalore in his highly informative and enlightening exposition about the complications of diabetes, called on the people to “Stop Diabetes” at the early stage itself by practising yoga, discipline in eating habits and by making conscious correction in lifestyle.
There were hundreds of admirers milling around the ever-smiling and humility personified Dr Nagarathna Didi, Dean of Árogyadháma, SVYASA, as she moderated the public interaction session. More than anything else she educates the listener with an attitude of service. Dr Shirley Telles Co-ordinated the session with her brilliant research presentation.
Swami Yogeshwaranandaji and his team from Sr Ramakrishna Mission rendered soulful devotional music to augur an auspicious beginning to the evening program at 6 pm. Dr. K P Putturaya, Prof of Physiology, MVJ Medical College and noted orator of renown in Karnataka with many awards as Master of ceremony was at his lyrical best with apt quotes and humorous anecdotes and every one carried his unforgettable slogan “ Sweet blood, sweet urine makes bitter health, bitter life”
The Launch event made an auspicious beginning at 6:30 p.m. on Aug 14th 08, and as it progressed drew audience in large numbers in spite of heavy downpour and jammed roads outside town hall in Bangalore. The audience was a mix of young and elderly, from Karnataka and all parts of India and even from many countries. After the dignitaries were invited and escorted to the dais, Vidwan Shri. Prashant Iyengar, in his Veena recital “Vande Mataram” invoked the blessings of Bharat Mata.
Shri B S S Rao, a pillar of strength and advisor to SVYASA, in his welcome address referred to the contribution of SVYASA in the field of scientific research and education of YOGA.
Dr. H R Nagendra, Vice-Chancellor of SVYASA University gave a crisp introduction to the 'Stop Diabetes Movement.' By lighting the lamp and with the release of DVD on Yoga for Diabetes, Shri Ramachandra Gowda, Hon’ble Minister for Medical Education representing the Hon’ble Chief Minister, the “Stop Diabetes Movement” was formally launched. All the guests of honour joined in formally launching “Stop Diabetes Movement”. This was followed by felicitation to the dignitaries on the dais.
Despite the relentless struggle by the diabetologists of India, the country has a long way to go in ensuring enough health care facilities for all diabetic patients, said Shri Ramachandra Gowda, Hon’ble Minister for Medical Education representing the Hon’ble Cheif Minister of Karnataka.
Launching “ Stop Diabets”, SDM, an initiative of SVYASA Yoga University, he said this pioneering movement would help to spread awareness among all people in India about the need to integrate medical treatment with yoga therapy. The state minister said government hospitals would have an attached yoga therapy centre to help the diabetic people.The health department has assured all support to SVYASA in taking the SDM to different parts of the Karnataka state, he added.
Sri. D B Gupta, Chairman and Managing Director, Lupin Ltd., Mumbai, who presided over the launch program, spoke in detail about the useful effects of Yoga on several diseases including Diabetes quoting his personal experience. He lauded the selfless service of Dr. Nagendra, Nagarathna and their team of researchers, therapists and students.
“At a time when nuclear families leave the elders alone to face the old age, initiatives such as those by SVYASA would reach out to the diabetic people along with their family doctor to continuously support them up to 10 years after educating them, counselling and treating them with Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy”, observed Dr. Guptaji. He added that we need to address the problem by tackling atleast 10% of the Diabetics in the country ( about 75 lakhs if not a crore) by strategies using IT and other media. and offered all help for thesame. Shri Vijay Kumar, MLA, was felicitated for his service to the people of his constituency. Sri R K Sinha, founder chairman and managing director, SIS India Ltd., Delhi gave an inspiring account of his personal experience in keeping his diabetes under control. His confidence could be the envy of seasoned doctors and teenage yoga therapists as he won the hearts of the audience by sharing his own diabetes experience. His talent, energy and service attitude would inspire all of us at Svyasa during this movement. He assured to take it further in Delhi.
With his penchant for yogic lifestyle, Dr. Ishwar Basava Raddy, Director, MDNIY, New Delhi, a former student and a long associate of SVYASA gave a clarion call to his countrymen to get involved fully in mitigating the problems of diabetics.
Dr. S. Chandra Shekar Shetty, Vice-Chancellor, Shri Devraj Urs University, Kolar called upon the medical world to support the initiative of SVYASA as according to him, yoga was an importantadjunct in the management of diabetes.
Dr. D Nagaraja, Vice-Chancellor, NIMHANS, Bangalore, spoke about the continuous support of his organization to SVYASA and appreciated the initiative of Dr. Nagendra in taking yoga to the masses through this significant movement on “Stop Diabetes”. All the dignitaries spoke about the importance of fighting diabetes to prevent India from the dubious distinction of attaining the status of world capital of diabetes.
Everyone was inspired by each one of the speakers who gave account of their personal experience, how they dealt with diabetes and how yoga played a key role in their tryst with diabetes. Spearheading this movement, Sri Subhash Bagaria, Chairman and Managing Director, KEMWELL Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore announced a generous donation of Rs 1.5 crore to SVYASA and cheered them for embarking on a noble cause. He praised the ceaseless efforts of Dr Nagendra, his meticulous planning, long-term vision, managing power, himself teaching and training young students and guiding PhD students. “He never compromises quality and teaches to heterogeneous crowd of students who come from all parts of this globe to learn yoga in SVYASA. He teaches with a judicious balance to educate both the learned and the uninitiated but all within the parameters of our ancient scriptures” said Mr. Bagaria.
Supported by his team of stalwarts like Shri. Mohanji, Shri. Raghuramji, Dr. Nagarathnaji and many others, Dr.Nagendra has made a huge difference to the spread of yoga amongst students from all over the world. It is the foresight of Nagendra Guruji, who is revered by one and all for his wisdom, who imparts vision that gets translated into pure dedication for the sake of our country and its people.
An array of distinguished personalities showered praise on Dr Nagendra for his yeoman service to India by unifying different yoga schools and also doctors practising different “Pathy”s.
What struck everyone in the audience was the simplicity of these
people from SVYASA who have achieved stupendous success, fame, glory and recognition. It has been a dream comes true for Dr H R Nagendra, who wanted to bring all yoga schools together for a national cause by this type of “Stop Diabetes Movement”.
“My life centers around yoga and lifestyle education. Yes, my dreams are being fulfilled” Dr.Nagendraji told press reporters who interviewed him, “but I want to serve the cause of diabetics who are constantly in the grip of fear and anxiety. I want to inculcate yoga in everyday life of the diabetic to enable them to stay away from complications. It is only through perseverance and continuous practice that diabetics people will experience sustained benefit” he added.
From start to finish, the evening program left everyone spellbound. The Master of ceremony was full of wit and humour. Every one appreciated his enthusiasm and humorous anecdotes.
To meet the increasing demand of qualified yoga therapists, SVYASA has organized a Yoga Therapy intensive weeklong residential course at Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana, Prashanti Kutiram, Bangalore from Sep 1. Indeed, if facts alone were enough, all one has to do is to take the therapy for diabetes and practise at home by seeing the DVD that is
given to each through their family doctors.
SDM envisages to take on 30 cities in India in its first phase at a total cost of Rs 1.25 crores and helping out 1,50,000 diabetics every year for the next 10 years. Founded on 15th Aug 1975, SVYASA has a glorious heritage, which is now inspiring many youngsters from all over the globe to spread the message of great Indian Yoga masters. 5 dedicated teams have been constituted to register volunteers who value this heritage from amongst doctors, organizers, researchers, yoga therapists and diabetic friends to encourage diabetic individuals to understand diabetes better and seek to stop its onslaught across the country. A fiery slice of golden-orange sunset sky, framed by brooding cliffs defines the evocative grandeour of Maitri Milan, a daily morning ritual at Prashanti for all its inmates.
Thirty five kilometres and a travel time of an hour from the city center before you reach Prashanti Kutiram, thrills the seekers of yoga with its unique location, colours and antiquity. Reaching is enough to energize one and heightens the enthusiasm of every road weary seeker.
Easily approachable, a Karma yogè, driving force, with clarity of vision, single-minded devotion, dedicated to the noble cause of diabetics, heart throb of many a youngsters devoted to yoga, having tremendous creative urge, a true acharya and with his antevasi, an exponant of Bhagavad Gètá – words are insufficient to describe our beloved Guruji. No wonder, Dr. Guptaji of Lupin Lab declared in his speech that he is very much proud to be part of this movement from its inception.
Students learning yoga, graduates, postgraduates, research scholars, doctors, endocrinologists, ophthalmologists, dental doctors were all there with total enthusiasm to be part of making history. Svyasa students with the holistic training they receive from yoga experts excel not only in yoga but also in dance, music, acting, and script- writing as well as in other arts. No wonder all the yoga students turned out in large numbers and volunteered their help in the SDM launch program.
People have come up to say “Super” to our students. Did language pose any barrier? Not at all. Public spoke in Kannada and even foreign students responded with “Namaste”. An eventful day in the annals of Indian Health history, of rare significance for the millions of diabetic patients throughout our country was marked by fervent appeals and solid resolve to make India, the world leader in the area of Health.
Dr. R Nagarathna Didi rendered Vote of Thanks. She thanked every one who contributed to the success of the Launch including all those who worked round the clock from behind the scene. The mega launch event concluded at 9 p.m. fittingly with group singing of National Anthem.

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