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(Continued from the previous issue)



Sthiti: Supine Posture
Take the hands up and place the palms on either side of the head on the ground under the shoulders with fingers pointing towards the back.
Bend the knees and fold the legs, and place the heels on the outer side of the buttocks.
With palms and soles of the feet as four points of support, raise the trunk with an inhalation arching the entire body convex upwards to look like a wheel.
Maintain the position for about half a minute with normal breathing.
As you exhale come back slowly step by step to supine sthiti.
Come down with control by placing the back of the head to the ground followed by the neck and the back. Do not collapse the buttocks first.

12. SASÁÑkÁsana

Sthiti: Dandásana
Fold the right leg at the knees and then the left leg and sit on the heels in vajrásana resting the palms on thighs.
Take the hands back, make a fist of the right palm and hold the right wrist with the left palm.
Relax the shoulders.
While inhaling lean backwards a little from the waist opening up the chest.
While exhaling slowly bend forwards from the waist bringing the forehead on to the ground in front of the knees. Collapse the shoulders.
Maintain this position for about one minute with normal breathing.
While inhaling slowly come up to the vertical position.
Release your hands and come back to sthiti.
Relax in Sithila Dandásana.


Sthiti: Dandásana.
Bend the right leg at the knee and place it beside the left knee.
Straighten and twist the waist towards the right as you exhale. Bring the left arm around the right knee and catch the right big toe.
Take the right arm back and keep the palm on the ground in such a way that the trunk is kept erect with a proper twist.
After maintaining for about a minute with normal breathing return to sthiti and relax for a while in Sithila Dandásana.
Repeat the same on the other side.





(to be continued in the next issue)

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